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Tunnel-Gel Plus

Just one of the products from the huge range of Bentonites and Polymers we offer through our distribution of CEBO/Baroid Industrial Drilling and Tunnelling Products.


TUNNEL-GEL® PLUS viscosifier is a specially formulated, high-yield bentonite designed for use in tunneling and large diameter HDD operations.
TUNNEL-GEL PLUS viscosifier promotes rapid viscosity development while maintaining effective borehole stabilization and enhanced filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids.


The use of TUNNEL-GEL PLUS viscosifier assists or promotes the following:

  • Enhanced viscosity development in freshwater drilling fluids
  • Effective cuttings transport and suspension characteristics
  • Enhanced filtration control and resulting borehole stability
  • Effective lubrication fluid for microtunneling operations

Product Details

TUNNEL-GEL PLUS viscosifier, is packaged in 25-kg (55.1-lb) multiwall paper bags.

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Tunnelgel Plus

Tunnelgel Plus


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